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Welcome to Chloe Bears.

Each year in the United States approximately 15,000 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer. In 2019 Our daughter was one of them. Chloe was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of 2019. She underwent brain surgery, and her tumor was found to be an aggressive form of brain cancer. The following two years were filled with much joy, love, determination, and hope.

After her brain surgery, Chloe’s concern was for others. She came up with the idea that no kid in the hospital should be without a teddy bear. In the following weeks and months, she began asking for donations of stuffed bears from friends and family, hoping to brighten a single moment for other kids like herself. She began a marketing campaign, designed tags, and logos, then delivered hundreds of bears to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis to help support kids that find themselves in need of a moment of joy.

Chloe’s spirit has inspired us, and hopefully, you, to help carry on her dream. We’ve set up an Amazon Wish List with many bears to choose from. Just purchase one, and it gets sent directly to ChloeBears headquarters. There it gets bagged, and tagged, with an official ChloeBears numbered label. When we’ve gathered around a hundred they’re taken to a Twin Cities Children’s Hospital and distributed by Child Life Services.

Taking a moment to help those most vulnerable is not only the right thing to do, it feels really good. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’ve given a child comfort when they need it most.

Number of Chloe Bears delivered to date!

We think Chloe would want us to tell you...

Love your family.
Care about the planet.
Be kind to all animals.
Especially dogs!
You should eat less meat
and not be afraid to be yourself.
Always stand up for those who can't
and be sure that others have enough.
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It's really easy to help.

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Once the bears arrive at Chloe Bears they're sorted and tagged, all to get ready for their new kid.

They're donated

Kids at Childrens Hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Paul will be the first to receive the Bears.

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