Chloe Tegland was diagnosed with a brain tumor and brain cancer in 2019, at age 11. She stayed at
Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis for 3 weeks following two surgeries to remove her tumor. While in
the hospital, Chloe found great comfort from her stuffed animals, especially a big, soft bear she got from
her dad. When Chloe got home from the hospital, she immediately started thinking of a way she could
give back and help other kids who were going through the same thing as her. She wanted to make sure
every kid in the hospital had a soft, cuddly stuffed animal for comfort. She also wanted them to know
that she understood what they were going through and to show them support. Chloe started her own
teddy bear donation drive in 2020. She decided “Chloe Bears” was a fitting name for her donation
program, since Chloe’s family nickname was “Chloe Bear.” She began to ask friends and family to donate
new teddy bears, so she could then bring them to Children’s Hospital to be given to patients. She
brought her first two bags of teddy bears to the hospital in October of 2020. She was so happy to be
visiting the hospital as a helper that day, and not as a patient.

Chloe passed away in December of 2021, after a courageous, two-year journey with brain cancer. During
that journey, she was able to donate over 200 bears to Children’s Hospital. As her mom and dad, we
have vowed to continue Chloe’s teddy bear drive and to honor her wish for all kids. We continue to ask
for donations of new, store-bought teddy bears, with tags still attached. People send beautiful bears.
Sometimes they send other types of stuffed animals. Chloe never met a stuffed animal she didn’t love,
so we don’t discriminate. 

Whenever we get a big enough amount, we bag them up and bring them to
the hospital. Chloe would get so excited every time she took them in, and we do too. Knowing we’re
building a legacy for our amazing, kind, brave, creative daughter and also that we’re giving back and
connecting with families that share our struggles makes our hearts happy.

If you’ve received a “Chloe Bear,” we hope that it has brought a smile to your face and given you
comfort. Know that there are people all over who care about you and are sending you love and well-
wishes in the form of a teddy bear. And know that Chloe Tegland is smiling at each one, from Heaven.